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All Art is Collaboration

Marcos D'Cruze and Peter Jukes have been collaborating on projects for over twenty years, ever since they met in the rehearsal rooms for the West End Musical Matador, starring John Barrowman and Stephanie Powers.Peter wrote the 'book' or script for the musical, and Marcos played flamenco and acted the role of - well - a flamenco player. Ever since,  the geeky writer and the cool guitarist have carried on their diverse careers and learned much from each other.

Though the metamorphosis is far complete - Peter's guitar playing has improved and Marcos' library has enlarged - they've always found common ground in a belief in the Flamenco principle of 'duende' combined with fascination for hard truths and a lack of magical thinking. This they summed up in - Sorealism - a half serious, half spoof idea which would mix the magic qualities Bunuel and Lorca with scientific objectivity.  

Either that, or Sorealism sounds nice, and makes them sound more serious than they are. But this is now the umbrella place and term for their joint projects.